About Us

Hindu Dharma Circle (HDC) is a non-profit organization founded under 501 (C) (3) to serve the Hindu community. The Organization runs weekly Hindu devotional programs and other community services. The program is open to everyone regardless of color, gender, race, religion, and national origin.


Mission of the Hindu Dharma Circle is to inspire living in the Hindu tradition by offering educational, religious, spiritual, and service activities. This Circle will promote Peace and Harmony by following the principles of Hindu Dharma and will contribute towards the spiritual and emotional growth of all its members.

Devotees hope that the HDC will become a service-oriented organization with a more visible community presence, supporting individuals and organizations that Demonstrate commitment to the service of mankind above self. Help younger generations understand the value of Hinduism for their spiritual development and citizenship. We hope to improve the quality of community life through cooperation and mutual co-existence, fostering mutual understanding and goodwill.